Professional development and education for parents

Professional development and education for parents


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As a dedicated Youth and Family Professional, you engage with a diverse spectrum of children and caregivers. The interplay of behavior and underlying issues often gives rise to intense emotions. Proficiently understanding and effectively responding to these emotions can yield a significant impact. In navigating challenging behavior, the quest often delves into deeper causes, occasionally overlooking foundational aspects. At SOS children and emotions, we recognize the crucial role a Youth and Family Professional plays in ensuring that both the child and their caregivers comprehend the essence of emotions and their profound significance.

Tangible knowledge about the theme 'emotions in children' through interactive methods

Comprehensive information and practical tools to facilitate psycho-education for both children and parents and to them in healthy emotional management

Engage in self-reflection by completing (at-home) assignments, fostering contemplation about their attitudes, knowledge, and skills related to the subject

Challenge participants to explore the theme of emotions within themselves, fostering awareness of areas for personal development and learning

A competent Youth and Family Professional ensures that both the child and their caregivers comprehend the essence of emotions and their profound significance. Do the child and their caregivers grasp the messages that emotions convey, along with the origins of intense behavioral reactions? Do they recognize the influence of needs on emotions and possess the skills to unearth them? Are the child and their caregivers equipped with the tools to navigate emotions healthily in their daily lives and express them appropriately? Our trainers are dedicated to provide you the tools to empower children and their caregivers with the necessary tools to navigate emotions healthily in their daily lives and express them appropriately. Together, we foster emotional well-being and harmonious relationships.

We offer a training program of 12 hours. This can be delivered in either 2 full-day sessions of 6 hours each or in 4 half-day sessions of 3 hours each.

For youth and family professionals. Also we can easily make the trainig appropriate for professionals working in daycare and teachers.

We offer our training as an in-company program or as an open-enrollment training. At this moment we have trainers living in the Netherlands and Uganda. We provide trainings at your location if possible. Otherwise we have also the skills to provide our training online.

Al course materials are provided as downloads.

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547 euro/ 599 dollar

Upon full participation and timely submission of assignments that are assessed with at least a passing grade, the participant will receive a certificate of completion.



26 April, 3, 10 and 31 May 2024 | 14.00 – 17.00 CET


Live online


Susan van Asten & Hetty Beckers




Inspiring workshops

Children need to learn how to deal with emotions, and it is our task as parents or caregivers to help them with that. This is not always easy. Do you sometimes not know how to best respond to all those emotions? Does your approach seem to backfire? In the SOS children and emotions workshop, you will learn how to improve the atmosphere at home. The workshop consists of 3 sessions, each lasting 2 to 2.5 hours, and is offered both online and in-person by various providers in the Netherlands, Kenya and Uganda. If you are interested in a workshop, please contact us, and we will collaborate to form a group.

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